Modify, a genre-fusing Electronic Rock band from Sydney, Australia, will release their debut E.P in May 2015. Modify was formed in 2012 and consists of Niche on Vocals/ Electric Cello, Matthew on Piano/ Electronics and Loch on Guitar. Having completed his Composition degree at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Matthew has since become deeply committed to crafting his own productions, mixes and masters as part of Modify. “Having my music presented in concert halls never made me feel like I was having the impact I wanted… The Modify E.P features dark and intense feelings and the fight in our lives.”

Loch and Niche are siblings and, although they too were trained classically, combine these skills with an equally strong love for modern Rock, Pop, Indie and Electronic music. Not long after the trio met in 2012, they began work on some early recordings in Sony Studios and Studio 301 in Sydney with producer/ engineer Braddon Williams.

Two special appearances for ‘Talent Development Project Australia’ gave Modify their first prominent performances. Modify were chosen to support Pink! in the Qantas Credit Union Arena and, due to the great reviews, were then chosen to support Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age in the same venue for their Australian tour in early 2014. “Modify (are) tenacious … They are truly performing artists and writers of extraordinary ability.” (Robyn Philpot, TDP Australia)

Although the band’s success was steadily growing in Australia, Modify felt that their journey needed to continue overseas. Their first international stop off at Berlin in May 2014 allowed them to tighten their production style and absorb some of the city’s restless energy. Six months spent in Dublin, Ireland, provided them with a string of internationally reviewed live performances. The Irish times recognised Modify for “having a great suss for melodies” and Unsigned & Independent lauded their “powerful, atmospheric … dark wave sound” on multiple occasions.